jAdis Needs Some Math Review

If you've ever gone for a walk down main street in Santa Monica, you may have passed by a store front filled with all kinds of paraphernalia. This is the home of jAdis, a museum of sorts, filled with props from TV and movie history, from a model of the robot in Metropolis to a spitting image of everyone's favorite crypt keeper.

Hey there good lookin'...

No doubt maintaining such a large collection of Tinseltown history is not necessarily an inexpensive endeavor - for this reason, there is a nominal fee for those wishing to enter jAdis and sift through its treasures. Unfortunately, it looks like someone forgot to double-check the pricing scheme.

I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to charge more per person if you have more than one person in your group, but something tells me this bold strategy may not pan out. Then again, I'm sure people just assume they are saving money by using the group rates. Maybe they meant to say that one person is $3 instead of $2 - this would then make everything consistent.

Whether it's a typo or not, if you decide to pony up the cash, make sure you and your friends pay separately. And remember: the group discount is not always what it seems.

UPDATE (11/24/09): The manager of jAdis was kind enough to respond to my post - you can see the comment below.  Apparently the price scheme is deliberate, and I am comforted by the fact that "9 out of 10" people seem to be in on the joke. This is a relief.

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