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Pi Day Post Mortem

Dessert aside, long-time readers are probably already aware of my decidedly mixed feelings towards Pi Day (see, for example, here). Nevertheless, the holiday seems only to be growing in popularity, and so I feel compelled to take it to task once again.

In my earlier post, I complained about mathematical mistakes that frequently appeared in Pi Day articles aimed at a general audience; these errors still exist, but rather than nitpick, let me instead focus on the most bothersome activity of the day. I’m speaking, of course, about pi recitation competitions.

Reciting the digits of pi is, unfortunately, becoming a popular activity – dare I say even a tradition – on Pi Day. Competitors recite as many digits of pi as they can, and the person who can recite the most digits is declared the winner. As I’ve said before, I fail to see the point of this exercise. From . . . → Read More: Pi Day Post Mortem