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Jack Doesn’t Know Jack

Late last month, HBO films premiered You Don’t Know Jack, a biopic on assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian. The casting of Al Pacino in the starring role turned out surprisingly well, and made for a film that was better than I had expected.

Who's who?

However, no film is perfect, and You Don’t Know Jack has its share of faults. Unlike most films, though, one of You Don’t Know Jack’s problems falls into the realm of the mathematical.

As you may recall, Kevorkian escaped conviction for his assisted suicides a number of times. The film’s reasoning for his acquittals is a mixture of good legal representation combined with heart-wrenching testimony from the families of the deceased, who made it clear how much suffering Kevorkian’s patients endured before he helped them. Moreover, Kevorkian never administered any lethal injections himself; instead, he built mechanisms that his patients could activate themselves.

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