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Math Gets Around: Finding a Job and Keeping Your Soul

Hello friends. My apologies for not writing over the past couple of weeks, but I was away at a conference. Being at math conference has its pluses and minuses (pun intended), but one nice thing about being surrounded by other mathematically inclined individuals is that you never have to explain what it is mathematicians do. You may talk a great deal about your research specifically, but everyone understands what it is to do mathematics.

In general, however, math jobs don’t get much buzz, aside from academic jobs and the oft-mired quants who have received varying degrees of blame for the recent recession. That’s why I’d like to highlight this recent post from the Scientific American blog, which discusses quantitative non-academic job opportunities at start-ups that have nothing to do with finance.

At first glance, it might seem like these companies have nothing to do with one another. Kickstarter aims . . . → Read More: Math Gets Around: Finding a Job and Keeping Your Soul