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Reforming Education through Geek Chic

Earlier this month, Wired published an article written by Daniel Roth, enticingly titled “Making Geeks Cool Could Reform Education.” It serves as an interesting counterpoint to the commonly used argument that the best way to reform education is to better integrate it with the most current technology, so that going to school feels less like going to school and more like playing video games (family friendly ones, of course).

Sorry, Typing of the Dead, but you're a little too creepy.

The essay in Wired takes a slightly different approach – it profiles schools that have successfully channeled the inner geeks of their students, the argument being that the geek subculture rewards intelligence with popularity. To do this, schools must make learning seem cool. This is a feat which is easier said than done, because, as we all know, there’s no better way to convince a teenager that something . . . → Read More: Reforming Education through Geek Chic