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Do Not Trust the Meat Mathematics Institute

Friends, as many of you may have noticed, Burger King has begun a promotion for its BK Stacker line of cheeseburgers. The ad focuses on Burger King’s Meat Mathematics Institute, where mathematicians from around the world gather to find ways to bring consumers a maximum amount of meat flavor for a minimum cost. Sadly, as of this writing, the ad is not available online, although this related video has made an appearance on YouTube.

While the institute seems like a delightful place to work, I regret to inform you that the research coming out of the institute is as bogus as the existence of the institute itself. The claimed solution to the problem of maximizing meat (or meat flavor, depending on your source) while minimizing cost is contained in the 3 BK Stackers pictured here (image courtesy of foodbeast):

As you can see, the Stacker family of . . . → Read More: Do Not Trust the Meat Mathematics Institute

Math on TV: Halls Refresh

If you’ve watched any television recently, you may have noticed the following ad for Halls Refresh. I strongly encourage you to watch it, even if you’ve seen it before, because it’s basically fantastic.

A tremendous ad, to be sure. However, if you didn’t watch closely, you may be wondering what such a sensual commercial has to do with mathematics. Watch again if you missed it – it may help to watch it full screen, although the quality gets muddy.

Did you catch it the second time? When the camera cuts to the Asian kid sitting at his desk, right before he starts to charm Mrs. Hunter, you’ll notice that he has a poster on his wall filled with mathematics. There are 5 equations on the poster, but most are probably too difficult to make out from the Youtube copy. I was fortunate enough to see this ad on television, and . . . → Read More: Math on TV: Halls Refresh