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Math on TV: Look Around You

With the weekend close upon us, no doubt many of you are looking forward to a reprieve from the work week. The more popular among you may even have some engagements lined up. Even for those of you with “friends” or “hobbies,” however, there always comes a point when the evening begins to come to a close.

Suppose it’s late and you’re looking for a good time. Temptation runs rampant in the midnight hour of a Saturday night, especially for those of us in the fast-paced world of graduate school. But before you open that bottle, or pick up the phone to talk to live singles in your area, let me take the opportunity to inform you of a new way to spend your time during the late night wind-down: starting this weekend, you will be able to relive your childhood through the nostalgia-inducing satire that is Look Around You.

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