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Math Clock Showdown

When shopping for gifts for someone, there are a few wells from which one frequently draws inspiration. A person’s favorite TV show, for example, or favorite band; such preferences can often provide good fodder for gift ideas. One’s career can also be included in this list – in my case, the result is that I am frequently the recipient of math-themed paraphernalia.

I’ve written before about my mixed feelings regarding math t-shirts. Today, though, I’d like to tackle a different type of gift: the math clock. This is inspired, in part, by a gift I received from my grandmother (bless her heart) over the holiday. The gift, pictured below, was an analog clock in which the numbers have been replaced by (what one would hope to be) mathematically equivalent expressions.

Figure 1: Clock with a black background.

Don’t tell her, but we haven’t yet put this clock up in . . . → Read More: Math Clock Showdown