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When will this stop?

Ok, now it’s just getting annoying. Odd day? Give me a break.

My thoughts on this irritating trend can be found here, here, and here.

4 comments to When will this stop?

  • lapinagile

    How can you possibly be growing tired of this? I’m all set for tomorrow’s “Sum of Squares Day” (5=4+1, 8=4+4, 9=9+0), which only happens like 56,324 times a century! Or Saturday’s “61st through 63rd digits of the decimal expansion of arccos(11/16) day”! I’ll be giving away arccos(11/16) cents to the person who celebrates that day the most zealously!

  • Eamonn

    These “math holidays” make me want to shoot myself in the face … well, except “Pi Day”, which is saved only by it’s association with eating pie. That one makes me want to put a pie in my face.

  • Patrick

    Someone should tell that guy that 1905 is not the next odd number after 3.

  • Matt

    It’s true, these holidays are stupid and annoying. I’ll grant exceptions to Pi Day and 61st through 63rd digits of the decimal expansion of arccos(11/16) day, because everyone knows those days rule. But as for everything else – I’m over it.

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