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Verizon Employees Suck at Math

If you’ve got the time, and/or the patience, listening to this audio clip of George Vaccaro try to deal with a series of Verizon representatives who claim that 0.002 = 0.00002 should be enough to strike fear into your heart regarding the future of mathematical literacy in this country. Then again, he’s talking about problems he had while in Canada, so maybe the reps are Canadian. We’d never make such an obvious mistake here in the States, right? Right…

On a related note, I would encourage all of you to start writing the dollar amounts on your checks as more complicated mathematical expressions. Everyone could use a boost to their mathematical literacy, bankers included.

The audio clip is quite long, and the longer it goes on, the more depressing it gets.

2 comments to Verizon Employees Suck at Math

  • Sandy

    So today I went to the bank. I said I wanted $500 in cash, 10 @ $10 and 20 @ $20. She said “how do you want the rest”? I said “huh” when I actually should have said “in $10″…no telling how much I could have made off with.

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